Your wheels go through a lot of bumps while on the road and the longer you drive, the more likely the original wheel alignment will be compromised. Each wheel has components of suspension, braking, and steering systems, which affects how smooth your ride is and how easily you can maneuver your vehicle. When your wheels start to become unaligned, your vehicle will start to drift to the left or right and will cause uneven wear to your tires.


At NAPA Autopro in Brampton, our certified technicians are able to detect any wheel alignment problems through a visual inspection, road test, or routine maintenance. It’s recommended that you get your wheels aligned once a year or when you get new tires installed. Our certified NAPA Autopro technicians are more than happy to realign your wheels and make sure they handle properly.


5 Signs That It Is Time for a Wheel Alignment

Regular wheel alignments are an important part of car maintenance and prevent wear and tear on tires and vehicle parts. Bad tire alignment can reduce your gas efficiency and wear out tires prematurely. Poor tire alignment can lead to a ...
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